Gas industry association declares agitation

Gas industry association declares agitation

The Nepal LP Gas Industry Association has declared agitation saying that their demand for increased of quota as per the demand of consumers was not heeded by the concerned bodies for the past 14 months.

Association Chairman Shiva Prasad Ghimire at a press meet organised today said the agitation was to be declared as there was acute shortage of LP gas in the country as the concerned bodies dilly dallied the issue.

It is wrong for the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to avoid on the problem of consumers in the name of reducing losses in gas, said Association General Secretary Kush Prasad Malli.

It was informed that there was only quota by the NOC for 22, 377 metric tonnes of gas despite the need of 30,000 metric tonnes.Even as per the NOC statistics, there will be 35 percent gas shortage, said Chairman Ghimire.

Malli said the shortage was also because of repair works of Indian Oil Corporation in Barauni refinery. As per the agitation , it will submit memo to major political parties on September 4, stop buying LP from September 7 and stop loading from Indian refineries from September 9.

Source: eKantipur