Gas crunch to fizzle out as country importing 30,000 metric tons

Minister for Commerce and Supplies Sunil Bahadur Thapa has said the people would get the LP gas easily now on, as the government has already managed arrangements for this.

The NOC is importing 30,000 metric tons of gas monthly against 22,000 metric tons. The NOC imported around 18,000 metric tons of gas in the last 20 days increasing the ratio of gas supply in Nepali market from India.

With this, the shortage of LP gas would fizzle out soon, he tried to assure while speaking with journalists at Biratnagar airport today.

The government would form a monitoring committee to manage the smooth distribution of gas, said Minister Thapa.

On a different note, he said the government would adopt the new policy in view of the protests said to be organized by the opposition political parties. The current government is for forging political consensus, according to him. RSS

Source: Republica