Gangster shot in Sundhara

Gangster shot in Sundhara

Hours after Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam alleged police officials of maintaining ‘good relations’ with gangsters, a team of police opened fire in Sundhara while trying to arrest an absconding criminal on Saturday.

Police from Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Teku, opened fire at Rawanjit Tamang, who had fleed from a jail in Sindhupalchok during the April 25 earthquake, at the wee hour of 1:45 this morning.

According to police, Tamang was arrested from Babylone Disco in Sundhara.

“Tamang and his friends were obstructing our police team,” said SSP Sarvendra Khanal, chief of crime division. “We opened three rounds of fire after situation got out of control and Tamang attempted to evade the arrest.”

Tamang has been injured after bullets lodged in his left thigh. He is undergoing treatment at Bir Hospital.

Along with Tamang, police have also arrested Umesh Shrestha–a friend of Tamang. Shrestha had been to jail for four years on the charge of murder and burglary of Rs 10 million in Kathmandu. Police said he now charges steep loans with people and is frequently involved in extortion.

Source: eKantipur