Fuel shortage halts development works in Far-West

Fuel shortage halts development works in Far-West

Development infrastructure constructions in seven hilly districts of Far-Western Region have been obstructed due to the difficulty in an easy access of fuel, of late.

The arrival of fuel-laden trucks from India is increasing day by day. However, an access to fuel has not been that much easy in the region, informed the entrepreneurs.

Dadeldhura Chambers and Commerce Industry President Bal Bahadur Gurung informed that all the development works including construction of bridges, roads and buildings were halted in the region.

“The black marketing of fuel from the petrol pumps themselves has increased the shortage of fuel,” informed Gurung.

Earlier, as many as 35 to 40 oil-laden tankers used to arrive in the region every day; but, now only 10 tankers arrive, informed Bhim Bahadur Saud, Vice-President of DCCI.

If the fuel was not provided on time according to the demands, all the development workers would be halted, warned Saud.

Source: THT