FSU poll postponed 5th time in a row

The Tribhuvan University once more postponed the elections of the Free Student Union (FSU) slated for June 1. 

At a meeting with the student unions including an alliance of 19 agitating student unions today, the TU postponed the purported FSU polls for the fifth time. 

The TU and students have also reached a 3-point deal agreeing to fix the new date in consultation with all student unions. 

Talking to THT Online, Vice-Chairman of UCPN-Maoist-affiliated All Nepal National Free Students Union-Revolutionary (ANNFSU-R), Ramesh Malla said that the 3-point agreement includes postponement of FSU elections, withdrawal of protests being launched by student unions and fixation of new date for the FSU poll on consensus.

A bloc of 19 student unions affiliated to UCPN-Maoist, CPN-Maoist, Madhes-based parties and other fringe parties were protesting upcoming FSU poll accusing the TU of fixing the poll date without their consent. The date was earlier fixed for May 28. However, owing to the protests, TU had decided to postpone it to June 1, which again failed to woo the agitating unions.

Source: THT