Free visa, air ticket for migrant workers comes into effect

Free visa, air ticket for migrant workers comes into effect

The Ministry of Labour and Transport Management on Monday implemented the decision to send workers to seven Gulf countries and Malaysia on free visa and air ticket.

The foreign employment agencies, which had been collecting the amount arbitrarily from the workers under these headings before, have been raising objection to this decision.

The Ministry argues that this decision would save the migrant workers from being fleeced by the employment agencies and also prevent billions of rupees from going abroad annually in the name of employment quotas.

Commenting on the enforcement of the decision that is in the interests of the general public, Minister of State for Labour and Employment Tek Bahadur Gurung said the Ministry has been successful in implementing the decision with cooperation from everyone.

Saying that there is a law which stipulates that no fee is required for going on foreign employment, the Minister of State said initiation has been taken during his term in office to regulate the foreign employment sector.

Regarding the misconception that foreign employment quotas would be slashed with the enforcement of this decision, he made it clear that the decision of free visa and air ticket to workers going on foreign employment would be implemented in the case of other countries as well.

Source: eKantipur