Four Pokhara hotels in TripAdvisor’s top Nepali hotels list

Four Pokhara hotels in TripAdvisor’s top Nepali hotels list

Popular travel services rating website TripAdvisor has included four hotels in Pokhara in ´Nepal´s Top 10 Hotels´ list. Remaining six hotels in the list are from Kathmandu.

According to the site, Shambaling Boutique Hotel of Kathmandu tops the list followed by Dwarika´s Hotel and Hotel Tibet International in second and third positions, respectively.

Similarly, Temple Tree Resort and Spa of Pokhara is in the fourth position, Hotel Shambala of Kathmandu in the fifth, Gokarna Forest Resort in the sixth and Hyatt Regency in the seventh position. Three Pokhara hotels — Athiti Resort and Spa, Waterfront Resort Nepal and The Lakeside Retreat — are in the eighth, ninth and tenth position.

The list has been prepared based on the reviews of travelers, according to TripAdvisor.

Local tourism entrepreneurs are elated to see Pokhara hotels in Nepal´s top hotels list. They say the news will help in tourism promotion in the lake city. Tejendra Prasain, resident Manager of The Lakeside Retreat, said he were happy to see his hotel in the list. “The hotel managed to achieve the feat within a year of the beginning of operation by the new management,” he added. “This affirms that our visitors are getting good service in our hotel.”

The 36-room was hotel operating under the name of Base Camp Resort until a year ago. Athiti Resort and Spa, which began operation two years ago, has also made it to the list.

Bharat Raj Sharma, managing director of Athiti Resort and Spa, said that recognition from TripAdvisor, was a matter of pride for them. “The recognition shows that we have been able to provide quality service to our clients,” he added.

The 51-resort was established with an investment of Rs 200 million. Basanta Gautam of Temple Tree Resort and Spa said they managed to achieve the feat by provide quality service to tourists. Bharat Raj Parajuli, president of Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara, said inclusion of Pokhara hotels in Nepal´s top hotels list will help in promotion of tourism in Pokhara. “This shows that hotels in Pokhara are of international standard,” he added.

Source: Republica