Four Nepali migrant workers stranded in Iraq to be rescued

Six Nepali migrant workers stranded in Oman have been rescued and sent back to home by the Nepali Embassy in Muscat on Tuesday.

The rescued workers are Brij Mohan Lodh, Ram Garesh Lodh and Bagauti Prasad Chamar of Rupandehi, Yachak Bahadur Magar of Morang, Pati Ram Thakur of Mahottari and Dinesh Mahara of Dhanusha, a press statement issued by the Nepali Embassy in Oman said.

According to the embassy, the individuals had come to Oman eight months ago to work at one Masharef Al-Khaldiya Trading and Contracting Company.

They had written to the embassy stating that they were not being paid by the company.

They had also complained of ill treatment, lack of food and harsh living conditions at the Company.

The employer had even seized their passports and documents to prevent them from leaving the comapny.

The embassy said that after receiving the letter from stranded Nepali workers, it stepped up action and contacted the employer time and again demanding that the Nepali workers be paid on time and their living conditions be improved, but all went in vain.

“When things did not improve, and the Nepali citizens were made to work under harsh conditions in high temperature, they have been rescued them on July 7, 2014,” the statement added.

According to the Embassy, a manpower company that had sent the workers to Muscat was made to pay for the return tickets of all the workers.

Meanwhile, four Nepali migrant workers stranded in Iraq due to the escalating conflict between the government and the Muslim militants will return home on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the government is going to rescue a group of the Nepali workers taking shelter in the Erbil of Kurdistan after escaping the ongoing violence in Iraq.

“The government has managed all required things including air tickets for them,” spokesperson at the MoFA Dipak Dhital said, “They will board the plane on Thursday evening and land in Kathmandu most likely on the same day.”

The Nepali government has sent Arjun Kant Mainali, joint-secretary at the MoFA, as a special envoy to Iraq to rescue the Nepalis working in Iraq where the government security forces and the anti-government Sunni militias has been fighting.

Joint Secretary Mainali, who arrived in Kuwait a few days ago, has been making all efforts to rescue all Nepali working in Iraq.

Mainali is facing difficulties to enter Iraq due to the security reasons as well as lack of direct diplomatic relations between Nepal and the war-hit country

Although the government has taken initiatives to rescue them assuming that thousands of Nepali were trapped in Iraq, the number of the trapped Nepalis are less than the expected, the MoFA said.

The government does not have an exact data on how many Nepalis are in Iraq as the Nepalis have been banned from going to the war-hit country for employment.
Source: Gorkhapatraonline