Former crown prince Paras Shah under arrest in Bangkok, again

Former crown prince Paras Shah under arrest in Bangkok, again

Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Shah, who has been on the news quite a lot lately for his string of arrests on drugs charges, was again picked up on another drug rap in Thailand, on Wednesday. His arrest was confirmed by Nepal’s Embassy in Thailand on Friday.

Talking to nepalnews, an official at the embassy in Bangkok (requesting not to be named because of the ‘sensitivity’ of the issue) said local police officials had informed the embassy about the arrest but the detail and information about the circumstances of the arrest was not yet available.

Images of Paras Shah in handcuffs with Thai police officers around him surfaced on the internet on Friday after local Thai news portal Khai News ( posted the pictures. Two of the photos show Shah at the Investigation Phonphisai Police Station during what appears to be the police making his arrest public. Sealed packages of what Khai News says are marijuana and methamphetamine is displayed in front of him. Other pictures show Paras Shah in handcuffs at the site of his arrest next to a BMW SUV with the arresting officer showing to plastic bottles and tablets.

Phon Phisai district is located in the Nong Khai Provice in northeastern Thailand.

Two days before his arrest, Paras Shah had posted a status on a page believed to be his saying, ” Ok ppl.. Thai Court has cleared me… I was going to deny the charges against me .. That meat the Thai police would be against me… And would be dangerous to my life like last time…. I don’t want the police against me as I live here… the court advisers me to accept the charges so I did under they advise me to …If I deny , that would mean that the police would be against me even though I have proof that i was framed since Three years back in PHUKET and now aswell.. Just the fact that I finish my PHUKET case and the next day I was framed again is enough to make people understand… proof. Pls get it translated.. All bull shit..”

Along with the status update, he had also posted a video showing him scrolling through texts in Thai script on his phone.


Source: Nepalnews