Foreign employment firms sit for talks with govt

Foreign employment firms sit for talks with govt

A dialogue between the agitating foreign employment firms and the government is currently underway at the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment on Tuesday afternoon.

The representatives of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) are on the talks with Minister of State for Labor and Employment (MoLE) Tek Bahadur Gurung to find a solution over the dispute over the decision of the government’s decision to implement ‘minimum cost system’.

The foreign employment firms have put their 30-point demands to the ministry which includes the ‘withholding’ of the decision of the ministry’s to enforce the ‘minimum cost system’.

“We have put forth our 30-point demands to the ministry. We have proposed to hold the decision of implementation of the zero cost system for few months and form a high level committee,” said Rohan Gurung, general secretary of Nafea, told Myrepublica, “The committee will conduct a study and make recommendation.

Based on the recommendation of the committee we can implement the minimum cost system gradually,” he added.

He said that the ministry is currently holding its internal meeting.

“The state minister is holding meeting with ministry officials. They have said that they will respond our charter of demand. So far, the
meeting has gone positively,” he added.

Foreign employment firms have been shutting their business since last Wednesday protesting the decision of the MoLE of June 9 to introduce provision on issuing work permits to workers only if the recipient companies agree to cover the round-trip airfare and visa fees for them and not deduct such expenses from the workers’ remuneration.

Source: Myrepublica