FNCCI to launch ‘positive’ campaign against bandas

FNCCI to launch ‘positive’ campaign against bandas

The country´s leading business and industry association has announced a ´positive´ campaign against strikes and bandas and make an appeal for putting an end to such activities.

While the country has witnessed recurring protests and strikes of late, the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) on Monday issued a press release stating that it is to launch a campaign against strikes and shutdowns. Details of the program will be released next week. Frequent bands and strikes have vitiated the business environment and hit normal life hard.

With the political uncertainty after January 22 and opposition parties threatening to walk away from the statute-writing process, the private sector has felt insecure.

Talking to Republica, FNCCI President Pradeep Jung Pandey said that they will make an appeal to find an alternative to strikes and let the general public get to work and business and industry to run. “Strikes affect the investment environment in hydropower and infrastructure, push the country backwards and foreign tourists cancel their bookings” said Pandey, adding that the campaign was not targetted at any political party.

In the run up to January 22, there were frequent bandas and strikes, the economy suffered and investor confidence was dampened. FNCCI says that one day of strike costs the economy Rs 2 billion and hits those who have to earn their daily livelihood hard.

Industrialists have said that uncertainty over the constitution has brought the country full circle from a year ago. With a more stable government and an elected parliament in place, there had been positive developments in investment and development.

FNCCI also said that they will launch the campaign against strikes after a full meeting of all its members, and the campaign will be launched nationwide through its 96 district and municipality chambers, 91 commodity associations, 20 bilateral industry and commerce associations and 650 industries.

The full meeting of FNCCI members has called for Monday next week.

According to the press statement, mobilizing the general public against protests, creating a logo, pamphleting, interactions and peaceful rallies are part of the protest program.

Pandey also said that they have floated the idea of setting up a fund to compensate for any damage suffered during strikes and bandas.

Source: Republica