Flood inundates 150 houses in Bardiya

Floods triggered by incessant rainfall since Thursday inundated around 150 homes in Bardiya district on Friday. Around 120 houses have been waterlogged in the various places of Basgadhi Municipality alone.

According to SP Govindaram Pariyar, floods triggered by the continuous rainfall in the Mankhola River have waterlogged 54 houses in squatters’ settlement. Likewise, three dozen houses have been inundated in Kakaura and security personnel have been mobiliesed there, SP Pariyar said.

Also, the continuous rainfall has swamped 15 houses in Gulariya-5. The exact figure of houses submerged in the remote villages has yet to be confirmed, said District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee.

Meanwhile, the rising water level in the Karnali and Babai Rivers has panicked the people living along the river banks.

Source: eKantipur