Five villages at risk of being swept away by landslides

Five villages in Myagdi have fallen into a risk of being swept away by landslides after hills in the neighbourhood suffered cracks in the recent earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

Bagarphat of Beni municipality-4 and Torakhet, Surkemela, Rayakhor and Dagnam of Jhamkimli VDC are at high risk due to the possibility of the landslides from the hills with the onset of monsoon. Some 210 houses in the village can fall under a landslide at any time, said soil conservation officer at District Soil Conservation Office, Myagdi Diwakar Poudel.

The office had recently carried out an assessment of the area. It has also recommended shifting the villagers as soon as possible. The locals however leave their homes every year after the start of the rainy season, Bhim Bahadur Karki of Bagarphat said. It has been the case since the past six years but the recent earthquake has made it more severe, added Karki. RSS

Source: Myrepublica