First ever successful open heart surgery in Chitwan

The College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan has successfully performed an open heart surgery.

This is the first time such surgery was carried in districts out of the capital, according to Dr V. Nataraj Prasad, Director of the College.

Open heart surgery is a surgery in which the heart is exposed and blood made to bypass it. The hospital carried out the surgery on Satya Narayan Ram (35) from Kalaiya, of Bara district, who had a hole of 3 centimetres in his heart by birth, Director Prasad added.

The health condition of the patient is gradually gaining normalcy post the surgery, and the hospital is all to discharge him, the hospital informed.

The surgery, which is not only complex but also costly, was offered to the maiden patient free of cost.

Satya Narayan is now very happy after receiving ‘a new life’.

A team of cardiologists led by Professor of the Medical College, D Jaypal Reddy carried out the surgery.

Source: THT