First case of violence against male filed at Morang Court

A case of violence against male was filed for the first time at the Morang District Court.

Khem Lohani of Biratnagar-19, who is the manager of Sunrise Boarding School, filed the case saying he had to suffer violence at the hand of his wife and children.

54-year old Lohani has named his wife 45-year-old Sudha Lohani, sons Rabiraj- 28, and Biprav- 26, and daughter Adaita- 23, as the defendants.

He alleged his wife and children of mentally torturing him, looking down on him and depriving him of food and clothes.

The court registered the case on July 28 as a case of domestic violence, which is the first of its kind at the court, according to court sources. RSS

Source: Nepalnews