Federal Alliance announces new protests

The Federal Alliance, a coalition of agitating Madhesi and ethnic-based parties dissatisfied with several provisions of the new constitution, has announced yet another round of protests.

Issuing a press statement on Monday, the alliance said that it will stage a relay hunger-strike at Tundikhel Khulamanch in Kathmandu from June 7 until its demands are met. The press release issued by the alliance’s coordinator Upendra Yadav stated that the alliance will hold literary and cultural programs every day at Tundikhel Khulamanch to expose the government. It is also said that the alliance will hold similar protests at the district and province levels.
Terming the new constitution as ‘regressive’ and ‘discriminatory’, the alliance has said that the protest programs will continue until the demands are unless its demands are met and the constitution is rewritten.

The alliance has accused the government of clinging on to power while ignoring the agendas of federalism, proportional inclusion and representation, inclusive democracy, provincial autonomy, good-governance, secularism and establishment of identity of marginalized communities. The alliance has said that it is left with no option other than to resort to more stringent protests.

The alliance has also criticized the govenrment’s plan to hold local elections as a ploy to derail federalism.

After a five-month long protests that included several weeks of blockade at border checkpoints, the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) had two months ago joined hands with other fringe and ethnic-based parties to form the Federal Alliance and launched Kathmandu-centric protests.

Source: MyRepublica