Feature: Everest climbers facing hard time getting air tickets

The foreign climbers who had come here to kiss the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mt Everest, spending thousands of rupees, have faced another shock in the aftermath of the April 18 devastating avalanche.

Having aborted their mission to scale Mt Everest following the deadliest avalanche that claimed the lives of 13 Sherpa guides, the foreign mountaineers are now facing difficulty getting air tickets at Lukla Airport to get back to Kathmandu and home.

This is due to the large number of foreign climbers who are now preparing to return home after giving up their attempt on Mt Everest.

“We are facing a surge in the number of passengers seeking air tickets to Kathmandu. They mostly comprise the foreign climbers, the mountain guides and assistants who want to return after cancelling their mountaineering expedition on Everest,” according to airlines agents.

A staffer with the Simrik Air, Lukla said that the foreign climbers who are visibly in a tense mood after having to give up their climbing bid on Mt Everest even chastise the airlines staff without understanding the problem when informed of lack of tickets.

The Lukla town, the gateway to Everest, is full of these climbers waiting for air tickets to return to Kathmandu. Some of them have been waiting for weeks for air tickets.

“We have not been able to issue tickets to a good number of these foreign tourists due to the limited number of flights and also the bad weather,” Phuniru Sherpa, the station manager of Tara Air, Lukla, said.

Sherpa said although every airlines operating flights here has been conducting additional flights in view of the sheer number of climbers  who have returned from the Mt Everest base camp, the flights are affected due to the weather which becomes bad towards the afternoon.

Source: Nepalnews