Fast track for passports in districts in two weeks

Amid complaints that passport delivery in the districts remains painfully slow, the Department of Passport in coordination with Home Ministry has made a new arrangement to deliver passports to all districts within two weeks of receipt of applications.

The new arrangement will not only discourage people visiting Kathmandu just to get the Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) on time, but also provide them with passports without any hassles on a normal fee.

While the DoP charges Rs 5,000 for passport applied through the concerned district administration offices, it charges Rs 10,000 to those applying for it under fast track service at the DoP at Narayanhiti, Kathmandu. Those applying for passport under fast track service at DoP get passport within a week, but it takes over a month for those applying from the districts.

As per the new arrangement, various districts and collection centers will collect passport applications of the concerned districts and bring those applications to Kathmandu every two weeks. Each of the 12 passport application collection centers will be handed over passports every two weeks.

DoP Director General Lok Bahadur Thapa said the new arrangement has been introduced in coordination with the Home Ministry. “There are allegations that the DoP charges exorbitantly for the passport. There is also a trend of people visiting Kathmandu to get passports on time. We hope both these concerns will be addressed once the new arrangement is implemented,” Thapa said.

All 34 collection centers have been put in 12 different groups to allot each a specific day every two week to submit the application forms at the DoP and collect the ready passports. “We have now made an arrangement in such a way that each 12 collection group gets to submit passport applications and collect the passports ready on a specific day. This will ensure that the applicants from the districts will get their passports in two weeks,” Thapa further said.

As each of the collection center oversees as many as six adjoining or neighboring districts, it would until now take several days for the district administration offices to send the applications to collection centers and another several days to deliver them to the DoP in Kathmandu. Failure to dispatch the MRPs to collection centers and then to the concerned district administration offices on time have caused additional delay in delivery of passports to applicants.

Officials said the new arrangement in coordination with Home Ministry will now ensure delivery of passport applications to the DoP and delivery of the passports to the concerned districts on time with fixed day set already for each 12 different group of collection centers.

Passport applications submission and passport collection timetable

Source: Republica