Farmers worried as crops start wilting due to drought

The maize and vegetable crops in Kaski and surrounding districts have started to wilt due to the long drought condition, causing a bit of concern to the local farmers.

The maize plants and vegetables grown by the farmers have started to dry in the field for lack of rain, especially in Lekhnath, Henja, Lamachaur, Batulechaur and Bhalam in Kaski and also in surrounding districts, Ramesh Koirala, Chief of the District Agricultural Development Office, Kaski, said.
The farmers in Kaski who already suffered losses due to the hailstone before this are now troubled by the drought in the recent days.

Chief of the Western Region Weather Office Rajaram Dhakal said the drought is caused by the burgeoning climate change effect.

“Normally, Pokhara received 128 millilitres rainfall on average in April. But this time it received only 17 millilitres of rainfall,” Dhakal shared.

Source: MyRepublica