Fare reduction decision brings no cheers to passengers

Passengers have not been able to get any benefit from recent reduction in public transportation fare for local routes.

The government had reduced publication transportation fare for local routes by Re 1 effective from Wednesday, but transport entrepreneurs have not implemented the new fare saying that they have not received formal information from their respective associations.

Initially, the government had reduced transportation fare by one percent. Following complaints from customers that the reduction meant nothing for local routes, the government had later reduced the fare by Re 1.

Parbati Gautam, a resident of Gaushala, was asked to pay Rs 15 for a short trip to Maitidevi from Gaushala on Monday. When she reminded the helper that fare has come down by Re 1, the helper said they have not received formal information from their association. The driver of the microbus also said they won´t lower the fare unless they received formal information from their association.

Gautam is not the only passenger who has not been able to benefit from lowering of transportation fare. Anush Badal had to pay Rs 20 for a ride to Sundhara from Koteshwar. When she asked for change, the helper of the microbus said he was not aware of the reduction in transportation fare. The driver of the vehicle also pretended that he was unaware of fare reduction.

“Had the public transportation fare been reduced, we would have got a letter from our association,” a microbus driver told Republica.

Officials of the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs (NNTE), however, said they have already sent the revised public transportation fare to associations affiliated to it. “The government´s decision is mandatory for all. Everyone should implement it,” Dol Nath Khanal, senior vice president of NNTE, told Republica.

Officials of Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the government body responsible for overseeing the transportation sector, is not doing to implement its decision to lower public transportation fare. “”We will soon form a committee and send it to monitor transportation fare in both local and long routes,” Mukti KC, spokesperson of the department, told Republica.

Source: Republica