Fake earthquake survivors start returning relief amount

Fake earthquake survivors start returning relief amount

BANEPA: People in Kavrepalanchok district, who had received the relief amount and identity card meant for April 25 earthquake survivors through illegal means, have started returning the amounts, saying that they availed of the facilities without due information.

It has been reported that some earthquake-affected people received identity cards and Rs 15,000 meant for each family, whose house was damaged by the devastating quake, through illegal means.

Arjun Rijal, Administrative Officer at the District Administration Office, said that among the 300 fake earthquake victims availed of the service through illegal means, 200 returned the amounts worth around Rs 3 million so far.

He said that those VDCs, from where complaints with regard to the matter have been filed, include Patlekhet, Kavre, Nasikasthan, Chandenimandan and Mahadevsthan.

He said that the complaints concerning the matter from remote VDCs across Shrinkhanadanda and Koshi have been lodged and that concerned VDCs have been directed to ask the people who have received the services through illegal means, to return the relief amounts.

Source: THT