Except disputed issues, constitution draft ready

The writing of constitution draft except disputed issues has completed.

With rigorous 14-hour long effort, the taskforce under the Constitution Drafting Committee prepared the draft based on the report of the Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee on Saturday.

The political parties are yet to reach agreement on the issues as secularism/ religious freedom, threshold, and reappointment of the chiefs of constitutional bodies.

The taskforce completed the writing of constitution draft being based on the CPDCC report and people’s submission on the draft constitution. The report prepared by the taskforce will be tabled at the CDC full meeting for discussions.

Taskforce member and CA member Prem Bahadur Singh said the correction of errors and constitutional and legal wording had completed.

Another member Sita Nepali shared that the draft was revised as per the recommendations furnished by the Constituent Assembly, CPDCC and the lawmakers.

The taskforce comprise the Chairperson of the Constitutional Drafting Committee Krishna Situala, Bharat Mohan Adhikari, Hitraj Pandey, Ramesh Lekhak, Aindra Sundar Nembang and Ditendra Dev. Other members also attended the meeting as per the requirement.

The report prepared by the taskforce will be studied throughout the night and will be revised if any error is spotted.

The CA Secretariat will distribute the draft to the taskforce members on Sunday morning upon the completion of the technical works on the draft.

The integrated report prepared by the Secretariat will be presented at the full meeting of the Committee once the taskforce members study it.

The CA had instructed the Drafting Committee to prepare the full report within five days. A Special Committee constituting the senior leaders of the major political parties were also present for resolving the contentious subjects.

The senior leaders of the major parties were under mounting pressure to address the disappointments erupting at many parts of the country over the proposed provincial borders. The leaders will also have to address the dissatisfaction among the locals in Mid Western region, Kailali, Nawalparasi and Karnali region over the demarcation of the borders. RSS

Source: MyRepublica