Everest moved three centimeters after earthquake

Everest moved three centimeters after earthquake

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country on April 25 moved Mount Everest three centimeters to the southwest, Chinese media reported.

The state-owned China daily based on the report published by the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation said that during the past decade, the mountain moved 40 cm to the northeast at a speed of 4 cm a year and rose 3 cm at a speed of 0.3 cm a year.

“The second quake in Nepal, on May 12, didn’t move the mountain either horizontally or vertically,” the report states. That temblor measured magnitude 7.3.

An avalanche triggered by the April 25 earthquake killed 18 people at the base camp.

Source: Myrepublica