Environment-friendly passenger buses hit Pokhara streets

Environment-friendly passenger buses hit Pokhara streets

Pokhara Bus Entrepreneur’s Committee has started replacing older passenger vehicles with environment-friendly Euro III standard model buses.

According to Deu Prasad Gurung, acting chairman of Pokhara Bus Entrepreneur’s Committee, they replaced 20 old buses last year. This year they have brought 17 environment-friendly buses into operation from Wednesday.

The committee has decided to replace all buses older than 15 years with environment-friendly ones. All the buses brought in use before 2002 will be replaced within the next three years, said Gurung. The committee now has 61 such buses. “Some of these buses would be sold for scrap value, while others would be used outside Pokhara,” he added.

According to Gurung, the new environment-friendly buses cost around Rs 3.5 million each while the committee has provided Rs 300,250 each to old bus owners in compensation. “We have already provided compensation to some of the bus owners,” said Gurung. The committee has already provided 5.5 million in compensation to bus owners so far.

As per the committee’s regulation, vehicle owners associated with the committee have been depositing Rs 105 daily in the displacement fund since 2007. Committee secretary Amrit Sharma said the committee has been providing transport services in Pokhara and nearby areas since 1992. Currently, the committee owns 251 city buses. The new buses have 32 seats for passengers.

“We opted for big buses as they can accommodate many passengers,” said secretary Sharma. The imported vehicles are equipped with GPS, CCTV and LCD TV and hydraulic doors. All the activities inside the bus can be viewed from the driver’s cabin.

Source: Republica