Entire family forced to eat animal excreta on alleged witchcraft charge

SINDHULI : In what we call the height of injustice and superstition, entire family members have been forced to eat pig-excreta on the charge of practicing alleged witchcraft in the district.

Villagers have forced 35-year-old Sanimaya Thing, her husband Sanuman Thing, other family member Sanchimaya Thing of Kyaneshwar, Buddhiman Syangtan and Lilamaya Thing of Kalpabriksha to feed on animal dung and urine on the charge of allegedly killing their son and daughter-in-law under the spell of witchcraft .

A team led by Darja Thing has thrashed them after forcing them to eat animal excreta.

Three years after his wife’s death Borsaman Thing passed away on December 26.

After the death of her daughter-in-law, Borsaman’s mother accused the entire family of taking their lives ‘invoking evil spirits’, lamented one of the victims.

Lamenting over the injustices they suffered, the victim said, “They forced to sit in a copper pot placed on the courtyard coated in fresh cow-dung and confess that they were not witches.

According to her the villagers also warned that they would immolate by dousing them in the kerosene if such incidents occurred again in the village.

The incident came to light only after two days when the victims turned to a clinic based in Kyaneshwar -2.

They said they had been taken hostage for three days for the fear of being under fire from various quarters of the society.

Sanimaya had also undergone same kind of harsh trashing on the charge of ‘practicing witchcraft’.

Security personnel have been flayed for not arresting the perpetrators who have been absconding since the incident.

Source: Republica