Engineers to classify houses in terms of risk

Engineers to classify houses in terms of risk

People are in dilemma whether or not to return to their homes due the fear of possible vulnerability of their houses.

Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) has announced to volunteer for the classification of the houses in the Kathmandu Valley on the basis of risk possessed by them. NEA President Er Madhav Koirala informed that the houses will be classified in three categories and marked with three colours—Red, Yellow and Green.

Red will be marked for the houses that are unfit for living. Likewise, Yellow will represent those houses that will be suitable for living after undergoing maintenance and Green colour will represent the houses that are good for living without any maintenance.

In first phase, the team will work in the highly affected areas, informed Koirala.

For this purpose, the NEA has called an engineers’ meeting on Saturday where the working procedures and teams will be determined.

Source: ekantipur