Edu authorities to tighten fee rules at private schools

Edu authorities to tighten fee rules at private schools

The concerned government authorities have decided to bring into implementation the existing norms and directives related to the regulation of the fees of private schools.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) today, secretaries of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Population, Director General of the Department of Education and other officials expressed their commitment to tighten up the screws over high fees charged by the private schools.

Responding to the complaints regarding unregulated fee collection by private schools, the anti-corruption constitutional body CIAA had called a meeting among stakeholders today.

The meeting decided to strongly implement the Institutional School Criteria and Operation Directive (including the first amendment), 2013.

The Directive, beside fixing the maximum fee ceiling, restricts the schools from collecting admission, annual and other fees every year.

The authorities also decided to widely disseminate information about the rules to stakeholders and general public.

Source: THT