EDCD warns of dengue epidemic in the Valley

EDCD warns of dengue epidemic in the Valley

Epidemiology and Disease Control Division of the Department of Health Services has decided to launch dengue search and destroy campaign in Kathmandu Valley from Friday.

EDCD said eight people suffering from high fever tested positive for dengue in the Valley. Officials said more people could be infected in coming days, as a lot of people who had gone to their village during Dashain have started returning to Kathmandu.

Health workers have warned of a dengue epidemic as several studies carried out by the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division in the past has found significant numbers of Aedes-aegypti and Aedes-albopicitus mosquitoes that spread dengue and Zika virus in Kathmandu Valley.

Doctors say the deadly disease spreads through the bite of dengue infected Aedes-aegypti and Aedes-albopicitus mosquitoes. The mosquito becomes infected when it takes blood of dengue infected people.

“Of eight infected people, a most have history of visiting Tarai districts,” said Bhim Sapkota, a public health officer at EDCD.

According to Sapkota, the campaign will be launched from the Tribhuvan International Airport. Vector control inspectors of EDCD and female community health volunteers will be mobilised in the campaign. They will destroy breeding grounds for mosquitoes at airport, New Bus Park, Kalanki and Ring Road areas, which have been identified as risky zones.

The disease exhibits symptoms like mild to high fever, severe headache, pain in the eyes and rashes.

Meanwhile, the EDCD is also planning to launch extensive dengue search and destroy campaign in Chitwan district after all its efforts failed to control the epidemic. “We are working to launch extensive campaign to control the ongoing epidemic in Chitwan,” said Dr Gunanidhi Sharma, chief of epidemiology section at EDCD.

He said extensive drive is needed to control the spread of the deadly disease, as number of people suffering from the deadly disease had risen significantly in the last few days.

Source: THT