Driving down to Nepal in your own car may be a reality soon

Driving down to Nepal in your own car may be a reality soon

Soon, you would be able to drive down to Kathmandu during the weekend.

The road transport ministry is finalising the protocol that would allow movement of personal vehicles between India and Nepal. At present, only passenger buses are allowed between the two countries under the bilateral motor vehicle pact that India and Nepal had signed in 2014.

“The protocol would be in place in the next couple of months. Initially, personal vehicles from India would be allowed to enter Nepal through two border crossing points at Sunauli in Gorakhpur and Raxaul in Bihar,” said a road ministry official. It would be later expanded to include other entry points on the Indo-Nepal border. The road ministry is also planning to make the entire process of applying and getting permit for the journey online.

“We are getting the software developed. Once it is ready, one can apply and get permit online. The prospective traveller would just have to show the permit at the border check post and continue to Nepal,” another official added.

Initially, the government will allow movement of personal vehicles only between India and Nepal. By early next year, the service would be extended to allow private vehicles from India to go to Dhaka and Thimpu.

In June, India had signed a landmark MV agreement to allow movement of passenger as well as personal vehicles between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN). “The agreement is yet to become operational as the protocol is not finalised. Once it is done, one would be able to drive down to Thimpu and Dhaka too,” said the official.

Source: Hindustantimes