Driver nabbed 31 years after road accident killed a boy

Driver nabbed 31 years after road accident killed a boy

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police on Thursday arrested a tractor driver 31 years after he mowed down a 13 year-old-boy in a Bhaktapur.

The arrested has been identified as Bhim Prasad Goja, 48, Taulachhe-1 of Bhaktapur district. He has been accused of killing Krsihna Gopal Konju of same area in June 1984. The tractor Ba A Ta 106 had killed the boy at Garud Kundal.
According to SP Kiran Bajracharya of CIB, the arrest was made as part of a campaign expedited since last year to hand over those sentenced by the court to the Court Order Implementation General Directorate. “Though the sentence handed down to Goja is not severe, it would send a message that no one can go scot free after committing a crime,” said SP Bajracharya.

A year after the road mishap, the District Court Bhaktapur had sentenced him to two years in jail and slapped on him a fine of Rs 1,000. But the order was revoked by the Mid-Regional court and the case sent back to the District Court Bhaktapur for review. The District Court on Feb 2004 had issued an order finding him guilty of reckless driving while he was just 17 years old.

He had been absconding since the court convicted him. He had moved to Duwakot and had been living in the area by running a small business.

Meanwhile, CIB has arrested more than 223 people, who have been convicted of various crimes in the last five years.

Source: MyRepublica