Drive to nab students bunking off classes start in Bhaktapur

The Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur has started a campaign of apprehending school and college students bunking classes.

Under this campaign, the police will arrest students if they are found frequenting at cinema halls, restaurants, lodges, snooker houses, futsal centres and parks in school uniform, informed Deputy Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya, Chief of the Range.

He said that the police had to start this campaign after increase in crimes, like brawls, gang fights and drug abuse, as the trend of bunking classes and passing time in cinema hall in school uniform increased among the students

Police further said the students bunking classes would be counselled first and then handed over to their parents or teachers, and action would be taken against them if the same students were arrested the next time.

Meanwhile, the police have also warned the cinema halls, restaurants and lodges, snooker and pool houses and futsal centres proprietors not to allow students in school or college uniform. If the proprietors also are found working against this order, they will face action.

The Bhaktapur Police arrested 33 students in college uniform from a cinema hall in the district on January 29 and handed them to their parents.

Source: THT