Draft constitution in October: NC leader KC

Nepali Congress central member Arjun Narsingh KC has said the first draft of a new constitution would be ready in October this year.

Talking to journalists at a press meet organized by Nepal Press Union, Morang Chapter in Biratnagar on Saturday, he said the major political parties have been making utmost efforts to forge political consensus among the political parties in and out of the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Expressing his hope that the new constitution will be promulgated in the slated time, NC leader KC said the political dialogue and consensus committee in the CA would settle the disputed contents of the constitution by September 30 and bring the draft of the new constitution by the end of October.

He further said the political parties have disputes regarding the nature of federal structure and the forms of governance and that the NC was for seven states -two in Terai region, four in hilly region, and one in the Kathmandu Valley.

Leader KC argued that forming the states on the basis of ethnic identity, and one Madhes, one province was not possible from the geographical point of view.

He ruled out the need of high-level political mechanism, saying that there was already the Constituent Assembly, the supreme body to draft the constitution.

Responding to the queries relating to CK Raut’s views, leader KC said the people having trust and faith in Nepal would not forgive Raut and his case has already entered the legal process.

Source: Nepalnews