Dr KC refuses to compromise on demands

Dr KC refuses to compromise on demands

Talks between government representatives and Dr Govinda KC held till late night on Friday could not make a breakthrough as the two sides disagreed over the fate of Dev Daha and Birat Medical colleges and cancellation of recent appointments of vice chancellors (VC) at five universities.

The government has, however, agreed to implement the report of Mathema task force in full, which was one of the main demands of Dr KC.

The representatives of government prepared a draft deal and briefed Dr KC about the terms, which the latter refused to accept. Although the talks team sat for another round of negotiations, no breakthrough came of it till 11 pm Friday.

“Dr KC stuck on his demands for cancelling the affiliations of Dev Daha and Birat Medical Colleges and revocation of the recent appointments of VCs at five universities,” said Dr Jeevan Kshetry, a member of Dr KC’s talks team.

The government has softened its stance on the implementation of Mathema task force report as public support for Dr KC’s hunger strike has grown since the start of his campaign. Dr KC’s deteriorating condition has also compelled the government to act with urgency.

Dr Govinda Pokharel, chief executive officer (CEO) of National Reconstruction Authority, who has been tasked by the government to broker a deal with Dr KC, held talks with Dr KC’s representatives for about three hours on Friday.

The government has also agreed not to provide affiliations to new medical colleges for the next 10 years in the capital, which was also one of the main demands of Dr KC.

The deal is likely to throw cold water on the attempts of medical colleges like Manamonhan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, National Medical College and People’s Medical College at securing affiliation with the Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Medicine.

The government has also agreed to limit MBBS seats to 100 per medical college and to bar the colleges from charging more than Rs 3.5 million in fees for MBBS degree. The government had already committed to fulfill most of the suggestions of the Mathema task force like opening medical colleges in all five development regions, making post graduate programs free at all government colleges and providing 50 percent scholarships to MBBS students at all government colleges, among others.

Meanwhile, doctors attending on Dr KC said that his condition is continuously deteriorating. Dr KC has been complaining body ache, light headedness, muscle cramps and chest pain. “Like yesterday, he is also complaining of confusion. All blood electrolytes are in lower side,” reads a statement issued by Dr Dibya Singh on Friday. The report further reads that since Wednesday, Dr KC has developed some liver dysfunction as well.

“Continuous starvation may put him at high risk of multiple organ dysfunctions and may need emergency care at any time,” reads the statement.

I will take rest only after certainty of implementation of past accords: Dr KC

Dr KC has said that he will not end his hunger strike until the government takes steps to implement past accrods. “I will take rest only after certainty of the implementation of past accords,” reads a statement issued by Dr KC on Friday. Medical students at the IoM have sought to galvanize public support around Dr KC’s demands to exert pressure on the government saying that the concerned authorities seemed insincere toward his just demands.

Source: MyRepublica