Dr KC ends hunger strike on eleventh day

Dr KC ends hunger strike on eleventh day

Dr Govinda KC, who started hunger strike putting forth different demands for reform in medical education, ended his fast-unto-death on eleventh day.

Dr KC said he broke hunger strike after realizing that seeking solution to the problems the nation is currently facing should be prioritized, adding that he has not given up his demands.

Dr KC, a senior professor at the IoM, started fast-unto-death demanding implementation of the 11-point deal reached between him and the government in order to reform the medical education sector.

He resorted to seventh hunger strike after the government failed to form an Educational Commission headed by the prime minister as per the agreement. The government formed a commission but appointed education minister as the chairperson.

On a separate note, Dr KC said that all Nepalis should unite against blockade imposed by India.

Source: MyRepublica