Dr Govinda KC’s seventh fast-unto-death begins

Dr Govinda KC’s seventh fast-unto-death begins

Dr Govinda KC, senior orphopaedic surgeon at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, began fast-unto-death, demanding implementation of the September 5 agreement, on Saturday.

It is the seventh time the senior doctor is staging the hunger strike with his demands regarding reforms in Nepal’s medical sector.

Accusing the government of changing some significant points of the 11-point agreement signed with him, Dr KC on Friday had served an ultimatum till 4 pm today to “correct the misdeeds and ratify the agreement in its entirety.”

Subsequently, as the government did not pay any heed to his ultimatum, Dr KC began the hunger strike at around 4 pm today at the TUTH.

He has been demanding that the government entirely implement the agreement the government signed with him while he staged the hunger strike earlier this month.

According to the agreement, the government should have formed a Health Professional’s Education Commission (HPEC) under the leadership of Prime Minister.

But, a Cabinet meeting held on Friday had formed the Commission under the Education Minister.

Dr Jiwan Kshetry, one of Dr KC’s aides, argued that if the Commission was formed under the Education Minister, but not under the Prime Minister as recommended, it would further problematise the sector for some mandates of the Commission are directly related to the Ministry of Health and Population also.

Source: THT