DoP producing 6,000 MRPs

DoP producing 6,000 MRPs

The Department of Passport (DoP) has started producing 6,000 machine readable passports every day, beginning from Monday.

Director General of the Department, Ramesh Prasad Khanal told RSS that the Department has started producing 6,000 machine readable passports everyday from Monday along with increase of human resources at the Department. 

He said that government´s policy of distributing passports to the service seekers easily and smoothly is being implemented at a high pace. Previously, the Department produced around 4,500 MRPs.

Khanal said the Department aims at producing 8,000 MRPs in the near future. The Department has also initiated online registration system reducing the crowd of service seekers. It still lacks human resources, he companied.

The Director General clarified that there would be no problem to Nepal to meet the mandatory rule of the International Civil Aviation Organisation to replace the handwritten passports by MRPs within October 25, 2015. 

Khanal said the state collected Rs 30 million from the distribution of MRPs on Monday. 

Source: Republica