Don’t hike house rent: Govt tells house owners

Don’t hike house rent: Govt tells house owners

The Home Ministry has warned of stern legal action against house owners found increasing house rent taking advantage of the earthquake.

After many buildings in the Kathmandu Valley were damaged or destroyed under the jolts of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake on April 25, many earthquake victims have started to move to rented rooms and apartments in the Valley. But taking advantage of the victims’ situation, some house owners have reportedly increased house rents in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts.

Issuing a press statement on Friday, the ministry said that the corrupt and insensitive behavior of such house owners in the face of the disaster have drawn its attention. The ministry has also urged the house owners to cooperate with the victims.

The ministry has directed the chief district officers of all the three districts in the Valley to take strong action if any house owner is found increasing house rent.

The ministry has also asked members of the public to report to nearby security agency if any house owner increases house rent.

After the disaster, the government had declared 14 districts as ‘crisis zone’. In such areas, the government can seize private property or take action against any irregularities if required

In Kathmandu Valley alone, around 45,000 houses were completely destroyed by the earthquake, rendering thousands homeless.

Source: Myrepublica