DoI seize 60 passports over fake work-permit

DoI seize 60 passports over fake work-permit

At a time when news about myriad problems faced by migrant workers is grabbing headlines, the plight of Nepalese workers meted out to them by fraudsters goes unabated.

In a recent fraudulent case, staffers at the Department of Foreign Employment (DFE), Nepal, have allegedly taken Rs 3.6 million from 60 migrant workers heading to the Gulf countries.

The bribery case came to the fore after manpower agent Amrit Dhakal went to knock on the door of DFE, Nepal, seeking return of the passports along with the kickback he had awarded after the immigration department seized the passports, citing fake work-permit.

The Department of Immigration (DoI) held as many as 60 passports saying work-permit was granted breaching the standards set by the government, a source said.

It is revealed that manpower agents offer DFE staffers kickback from Rs 60,000 to Rs 100,000 for work permit.

Source: Myrepublica