Divorce cases on rise in Kaski

Cases of divorce in Kaski are on the rise of late.

At least 242 cases of divorce have been filed at the Kaski District Court in four months of time and 142 cases have been solved so far.

According to Dinabanadhu Baral, a government employee, cases of divorce have been increasing day by day and the reason behind it were early marriages, inter-caste marriages, foreign employment, lack of awareness and relation through social networking sites.

He said that the Nepali society is moving towards wrong path and it should be controlled on time.

According to a research conducted in some of the community schools in pokhara, people from marginalised communities have been found doing early marriages.

Laxmi GC Chief of the District Women and Children Office in Kaski said that early marriages lead to early childbirth which increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and divorce as well.

It would be easy for female to solve the case as they can directly appeal in the court while male did not have any alternative to divorce, Baral said.

Source: THT