Dispute in 30-party alliance obvious: Rayamajhi

UCPN-Maoist leader Top Bahadur Rayamajhi has said that disputes in the 30-party alliance is obvious at a time when the leaders are unable to sort out differences in a single party.

“We formed the 30-party alliance for a common objective. We will stay together as long as we agree on our objectives,” he said while speaking at an interaction organised at the Reporter’s Club in the Capital on Wednesday.

Stating that most of the leaders of the ruling parties are on the side of consensus and the Constituent Assembly meeting was also postponed for consensus, the UCPN-M leader said that the 30-party alliance withdrew all the protest programmes to create conducive environment for consensus.

Saying that they had lifted arms for change in forms of governance, Rayamajhi underscored that his party would not agree on delivering a new constiution at any cost by sidelining the same for a while.

Warning the ruling parties not to think that the 30-party had halted their protest programmes by withdrawing the nationwide general strike, Rayamajhi made it clear that they are just trying to change the way of agitation.

Source: THT