Dhading child rescued from New Delhi

A 14-year-old boy from Dhading, who was found stranded in India, has been rescued by Indian officials.

Prakash Pariyar from Syaltar, Kalleri-2 of Dhading was handed over to his family in Dhading on Thursday.

Social Welfare Officer Shrawan Pandey from the New Delhi-based Child Welfare Council was in Dhading to hand over the child to his mother Binda Pariyar at Dhading District Police Office, today.

The child was taken to the Indian capital by some acquaintances 14 months ago to work at an eatery, the mother said.

“Some people in Katunje Tharpu said they had a hotel in New Delhi and took my son with them assuring that he would send me some money monthly,” Binda said.

Binda’s husband left her eight years ago after marrying the second wife.

Indian Welfare Officer Pandey said they rescued five children from Dailekh, Sarlahi, Banke and Dhading, recently.

All of them were handed over to their families, according to Pandey.

He assured that the Indian government is working to protect children from labour exploitation.

Officials are looking into addresses of two children, he added.

Source: THT