DFO Chitwan starts collecting records of forest land encroachment

The District Forest Office, Chitwan, has started collecting details of forest land encroachment.

As per the previous data, a total of 1,300 hectares of forest land has been encroached. Out of the total 218,000 hectares of land area of the district, 128,500 hectares is forest area.

Of the forested area, the Chitwan National Park has been looking after 83,500 hectares of forest area while the District Forest Office 45,000 hectares. The area is 59 per cent of the total forest area of the district.
Chief at the District Forest Office, Chitwan, Ganesh Raya, said that the Office has started collecting records of the encroached forest area using GPS. A report would come within a month, he added.

Discussion would be held in the District Forest Encroachment Control and Management Taskforce formed under the leadership of the Chief District Officer once the report comes, said Raya.

As per the international criteria, there should be 40 per cent forest area. RSS

Source: MyRepublica