Deusi-Bhailo time extended by 2 hours

Deusi-Bhailo time extended by 2 hours

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday fixed the time to organise Deusi Bhailo programmes until 9 pm, correcting its earlier decision to allow the cultural programmes only until 7 in the evening.

Home Secretary Surya Prasad Silwal informed about the decision to allow two more hours for Deusi Bhailo programmes.

The government had on Friday issued a notice urging the public not to organise Deusi Bhailo programmes after 7pm during the upcoming Tihar festival. The notice was issued as a measure to maintain law and order during the festival, which falls on October 21-25.

According to Silwal, the time for Deusi Bhailo was extended after the district administration offices suggested that there would not be any major challenges even if the time was extended by two hours.

“We have increased two hours for Deusi Bhailo after receiving suggestions for the same,” he said.

Earlier, the government’s move to allow Deusi Bhailo until 7 pm was widely criticised. Deusi Bhailo is an integral part of Tihar when people visit the houses of their neighbours and relatives to sing traditional songs.

Source: eKantipur