Death toll could reach 10,000: CoAS Rana

Death toll could reach 10,000: CoAS Rana

Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Gaurav Shumsher Rana has anticipated that the death toll from the Saturday’s deadly earthquake could cross 10,000. Speaking in a press conference at Army Headquarters in the Capital on Friday, Gen Rana informed the number of human casualties in the catastrophe has reached 6,204 by Friday noon.

“Around 4,000 people might still be laying beneath the rubbles,” Rana said, “Rescue operation is being carried out with utmost diligence.”

As per the data provided by Army Headquarters, 13,932 people have suffered injuries till now in the deadly quake. Similarly, the numbers of homeless people have reached 812.

General Rana acknowledged that the relief distribution to the earthquake victims has not been effective. He cited the reason behind it was rescue operation being given the primary importance. “It is not easy to take both the tasks together,” General Rana said, “From now on, our focus will be centered on relief distribution.”

General Rana informed that 65 foreign rescue teams have been working in rescue and relief operation under the coordination of Nepal Army. Responding to a media query regarding Indian Airforce team’s alleged non-cooperation with Nepali authorities, General Rana said, “It was true that there were certain uncontrolled activities in the beginning but now we have taken everything under control.”

He added that it wouldn’t be appropriate to criticise any foreign rescue teams as they were invited by us and have come with good intention.

The media persons drew the attention of CoAS towards the obstruction faced by those willing to lend support in the distribution of relief and rescue operation at the airport, Rastra Bank in the center and CDO in the districts and advised him to take up the issue with the government.

“We have a system and we don’t need anything if we could only make it effective according to the law,” said Rana, “Problems will arise if attempts were made to create new system.”

The army also informed that 30 foreign medical teams are working in the country.

Source: eKantipur