Date-expired food sent for earthquake victims

Date-expired food sent for earthquake victims

Date expired food items were found among the relief materials sent for the earthquake victims of Dhading by the District Disaster Rescue Committee, Lalitpur.

The relief materials, including food items, were brought from the Dakchhinkali Battalion of the Armed Police Force Dakchhinkali Battalion. The relief materials were collected from various national and international organisations for the earthquake victims. A team led by APF sub-inspector Min Bahadur Nepali had brought the relief materials in two different vehicles.

Hariram Neupane, a staffer at the Dhading DAO, said that as many as 14 items were sent to the quake victims. “Of them, all the food items were found date expired,” he informed. He said biscuits, mixed food items, baby packs, milk power, noodles, among others, were not fit for consumption.

The materials were stored in the DAO office according to Neupane. He said Lalitpur DAO sent the items even after knowing that they were not fit for consumption. Earlier, date-expired materials were also distributed by various non-government organisations, private and international non-government organisations to the victims in the areas.

A member of District Disaster Rescue Committee said he could not say anything regarding the issue because the administration had just received the goods donated by people and organisations.

Source: THT