DAO serious about Fewa Lake encroachment

DAO, Kaski, today said its attention had been drawn to illegal structures being built on the banks of the Fewa Lake. 

Fewa Boating Entrepreneur’s Association, an organisation of boatmen, had started building a structure for docking boats without permission from the authority, two weeks ago. 

The administration said its attention was drawn to the illegal construction after a news article was published in today’s edition of The Himalayan Times. 

Ramji Koirala, DAO officer said those involved in the illegal activity would be called for clarification. The office will also inform Pokhara Valley Town Development Committee, Pokhara Sub-metropolitan city and other organisations about it. 

The association was piling stones on the Barahi confluence to dock their boats. But the authorities in Pokhara were unaware. 

Ram Bahadur Paudel, Civil Society Pokhara Coordinator, submitted a memorandum at the DAO demanding prevention of encroachment on Fewa Lake. 

Buddhi Bahadur Nepali, Chairman of Fewa Boating Entrepreneurs’ Association, admitted they had constructed the structure without permission from the authority.

Source: THT