Dalits demand inclusive constitution

Dalits demand inclusive constitution

Dalits have strongly criticized the draft constitution saying it has curtailed their rights.

“Dalits have become a victim of negligence and oppression,” said Motilal Nepali, president of Dalit Welfare Association at an interaction in the capital on Wednesday.
Nepali also added that the current government and other big parties were creating a hostile environment for suppressed groups. “If the current situation persists, marginalized groups will take to the streets,” he said.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by Dalit Welfare Association has urged all stakeholders to press the parties to ensure the rights of Dalits in the new constitution. One of their prime demands is to increase the number of Dalit representatives in the federal, regional and local governments by 3, 5 and 10 percent respectively. Also the group wants assurance that at least one Dalit representative is included in the future cabinet.

Addressing the function, former speaker and Civil Society leader Daman Nath Dhungana urged all civil society to fight for a constitution that is truly theirs. “If we look at today’s situation, it is clear that no one is really satisfied with the draft constitution. The constitution that will be issued will not be our constitution but donors’ constitution” he added.

Source: MyRepublica