Cyber crime cases double in current fiscal year

Cases of cyber crime have doubled in the current fiscal year as compared to the previous fiscal year.

According to the Metropolitan Police Crime Division, a total of 650 cases of cyber crime have been registered in 11 months of the current fiscal year while it was only 309 in the previous year.

Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Division Pashupati Kumar Raya said that most of such cases took place through the social networking site, Facebook.

Cyber crime is taking place in different sectors including in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, in online banking and while misusing ATM machines also.

Police arrested a person for violating copyright of a film, two persons for asking money using a fake user ID and four persons for hacking government websites, informed the Division.

Spokesperson at the Division Sahakul Thapa said that the Division receives around 10 cases everyday and added it was in need of technical assistance in order to carry out investigation regarding cyber crime.

Source: THT