Contractor flees with budget meant for building health post

Contractor flees with budget meant for building health post

Fifty-two locals hired to build a health post at Khwang VDC in Pythan district have not been paid their wages as the contractor has vamoosed with the whole budget amount meant for the construction work.

The wages due the local construction workers stands at around Rs 1.6 million, according to Sobhraj Pun, a local of Khwang VDC.

Pun said that the contractor and his staff have decamped with all the money, including the amount meant for purchase of construction materials.

As a result, the construction of the health post has also come to a grinding halt.

Earlier in 2011, the Urban Development and Buildings Office of Rolpa district had granted the construction contract worth Rs 7.8 million to Nepal Pragati/Rapti/Uchcha Himalaya JV.

As per the agreement signed on July 7, 2011, the contractor was supposed to construct the two-storey building with 16 rooms within 15 months, according to the division office of Rolpa. The contractor was expected to complete the work by 2012. However, more than two years past the deadline, the construction work is yet to be completed.

The contractor was given additional time of six months after it failed to accomplish the work within the stipulated time. But the task was not completed even during the extended period due to the negligence of the contractor. As per the division office, only about 65 percent of the construction work has been accomplished so far.

The contractor has already been paid over Rs 5.35 million. Recently through a notice published in Nagaik Dainik, a sister publication of Nepal Republic Media Pvt., the contractor was urged to contact the division office within a week but in vain, according to division office Chief Rajendra Pandey. Now a legal action against the construction company has been initiated, Pandey informed.

Source: Republica