Continuous landslips pose risk at Budhi Gandaki

The continuous landslides nearby Budhi Gandaki River have obstructed the natural flow of water in the river. The incessant rainfall triggered landslides along the river banks at Khanibesi of Gumda-5 and Besi of Kashigaun.

“The flow of river was obstructed for an hour on Friday night,” said Bimaya Gurung of Khanibesi. The settlements along the river banks have been shifted to the higher land. Police Inspector Rabindra Khanal informed that the water flow in the river has increased by 40 per cent. “Although the blockage in the river has already resumed, the landslides are continuing,” he said.

The landslides have swept away houses in the Khanibesi and Kashigaun, Gurung said. “There is no place to run away as landslides are occurring everywhere,” she said.

Similarly, 20 temporary shelters at Kerauja-4 have been swept away by the landslide, according to a local teacher Sundarbabu Khanal. “But people had already left the area foreseeing the possible landslide,” said Khanal.

Locals abandoned 150 houses and went to safer places after the landslide posed threat at Kerauja, DSP Arjun Chand said. “No human casualty has been reported yet,” Chand said.

Source: eKantipur